AEW : ALL OUT 2020

The buy in opened with a singles match : Joey Janela (with Sonny Kiss) facing off with Serpentico (with Luther). Not a bad match to kick things off, nothing too crazy happened in this one. It just felt like the kind of match you would see on Dark, which I guess makes sense considering this was free on YouTube. Janela picks up the victory via pinball and then calls out Jericho and the Inner Circle. Setting up for a new feud or just talking trash?

One more match on the buy in, this time it’s some tag team action. Private Party take on Dark Order’s Reynolds and Silver. This was a very good tag team match, it’s a shame that the tag division is so loaded, otherwise I’m sure you’d see more of these guys. I love how Reynolds and Silver were both jobbers on Dark and then the Dark Order promised to make them winners. So they joined the Dark Order and continued to lose, the only difference is they are wearing masks now.

Time to start the actual show. We open with the Tooth and Nail match between Baker and Swole. This was an interesting match. It was a bit too gimmicky for my liking, but a fun match overall. Very awkward acting, particularly by Big Swole. I find she doesn’t have much charisma, but I also can’t tell if she’s doing it deliberately. The match drew me in early on when Swole discovered the dentist room with blood all over the floor. I thought they were going to do a weird horror film thing, which I was all in (see what I did there?) on. They didn’t head down that road though. It turned into kind of bar fight, just in a dentist office. Both wrestlers took some pretty big hits in this one, kudos to them. Swole must of cut her hand open when she punched through the picture frame. I loved it when Britt scalded Swole for hitting her nose “I just got that fixed, Swole!” very amusing. This was a decent opening match, the only question I have is where was the nail?

What do you get when you take 4 fantastic wrestlers, 2 awesome tag teams and put it all together in a wrestling ring? An excellent tag team match of course! And that’s exactly what was up next between the Young Bucks and Jurassic Express. This match had so many highlights and false finishes. We had a nice hurricanrana from Jungle Boy to Nick Jackson on the outside. Luchasuarus took flight and wiped out half of the AEW ringside audience (all wrestlers). Jungle Boy took a beating and it felt like nothing could keep him down, he just kept kicking out. Matt Jackson became my new favourite wrestler when he superkicked Marko Stunt in the face. There was a slightly awkward sequence when Matt Jackson tried to suplex Jungle Boy from inside the ring to the outside. Jungle Boy stopped it but they both looked uncomfortably stuck on the ropes. I wasn’t sure what they were trying to do. They proceed to go outside anyway and Jungle Boy takes a suplex right on the concrete. Ouch! Fantastic match, the Young Bucks pick up the win. Every time these two teams get in the ring, I like them more and more. I don’t know why the commentators are still talking about the first tag team tournament on Dynamite last year. I noticed that during the buy in as well. Private Party upset the Bucks, we get it!

It’s always hard to keep an eye on the action in a Battle Royale. It’s more about the surprise entrants and who picks up the victory for the next title shot. I was certain that Darby Allin was going to win and have a match with Moxley at the next PPV. I was very disappointed when Allin was eliminated, I feel like it’s his turn for a shot. Darby left the match in a body bag, filled with thumbtacks. Classic Darby move. Will Hobbs was the biggest surprise for me. I didn’t think they’d put him in it, but I’m glad they did. I’ve been rallying for a Will Hobbs push for ages. Hopefully, this is the beginning of that. Best Friends and Proud and Powerful kept their rivalry going. Shawn Spears was the smartest man in the match, he remained outside of the ring as long as possible. Didn’t do him any good though. Matt Sydal was the Joker entrant, which was very cool. I remember watching him a very long time ago. I was excited to see what he was going to do and he came in and botched his first move. Awesome. Oh well, it happens sometimes. At least nobody got hurt! Brian Cage had a very cool sequence in which he was able to show off his athleticism. I can’t wait until Starks and Cage are free of Tazz and can show us what they can do. Unfortunately, Lance Archer wins this one. Ugh. I don’t like Archer and I am not looking forward to seeing a match between Moxley and Archer.

The Broken Rules match between Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara was up next. As I have mentioned (many times), I was very much looking forward to this match. Matt is a lifetime favourite of mine and Sammy is definitely one to keep your eyes on in the future. Unfortunately, this match was cut very short as we were reminded of the danger of what these guys do. After a spear from about 15 feet in the air, Hardy and Guevara were supposed to land on a table. They overshot it and Matt’s head hit the concrete. He looked to be unconscious and referee Aubrey Edwards tried to call a stoppage to the match. However, Hardy valiantly tried to continue. About a minute later, Hardy tried to stand and lost his balance. He hit his head on the concrete again and Aubrey ended the match. The doctors came out to check on Hardy. After checking him for a concussion he was allowed to continue, but only to go right to the finish of the match. Hardy wins but it was a very unsettling moment. Kudos to Matt Hardy for trying to continue, but I wish this one was just stopped. I understand in this business, the show must go on and I’m sure none are more pressing on this than the actual wrestlers. Guys like Hardy are a tough breed. At the time of writing, Matt has been released from hospital and cleared from a concussion. Hopefully he is ok. We will see him on Dynamite this week.

Time for the women’s title match between Shida and Thunder Rosa. I love Shida and the one Thunder Rosa match I’ve seen was very impressive. I was looking forward to this match, but unfortunately, my head wasn’t in this one. I was still worried about Matt Hardy. I remember enjoying a few spots in this match and it seemed to be a very decent quality match. I will be watching it again later to get a proper look at what went on. Shida retains her title. I hope we see more cross promotion matches in the future. POST EDIT : I just rewatched the match. It was excellent. The grappling and holds were very sound and countered beautifully. They combined the traditional wrestling with some fast paced striking. Some of the knee strikes looked absolutely lethal and both competitors sold the hits well. Shida’s meteora(?) to the outside was awesome. Rosa kicking out of the flacon arrow after a 1 count was insane. Fantastic match!

We take a break in the action and have a short promo with Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford. They are getting married! Kip says this week on Dynamite he will reveal who his best man is. Please be me, please be me, please be me!

8 man tag team action, Dark Order taking on Team Cody. I know that’s not what they are actually called, but that’s what I’m going with.This was a good match but I was not invested in it at all. I’m not interested in most of these wrestlers or the storylines they are involved in. I don’t care about the Dark Order. I don’t care about Colt Cabana. QT Marshall. Dustin. Brandy. I was not interested in this. That being said, it was of good quality. Brodie’s back body drop on QT was massive. Cordona’s Radio Silence is an awesome looking move. Dustin and Brodie had a cool sequence, including an hard hitting lariat. Team Cody pick up the win and Dustin is rewarded with a TNT title shot, this week on Dynamite.

Time for the tag team belts to finally change hands! FTR vs the champions, Omega and Page. This was a good match, but it was hurt by the result being so obvious. I think it ran for too long, especially considering we all knew FTR would win. There where plenty of good in ring spots, but the downfall of The Elite stole the show. Omega basically knocked out his own partner and then walked out on him. Are they setting up for a heel turn for Kenny and the Bucks? It’s felt like they’ve been teasing it for a while. I feel like if anyone is the bad guy in the break up, it should be Hangman. He’s the alcoholic who keeps betraying his friends. Omega gave the Jackson’s an ultimatum as they were leaving but I couldn’t hear what it was. The audio was very poor on that sequence. Kenny drove away and left the Young Bucks behind. I’m genuinely interested in what happens next, I hope they show it on Dynamite and not on Being The Elite.

Chris Jericho’s latest brain child, the Mimosa Mayhem against Orange Cassidy was the next bout on the cards. It was a fun match, but it felt a bit gimmicky for the rubber match between two fantastic wrestlers. I would of preferred just a straight up wrestling match or a No DQ. Anyway, with that being said, they still put on a good show. They made an awful mess and got Mimosa everywhere. The only bad spot was when Cassidy clearly missed a running head kick, but it happens sometimes. Blame the camera angle! I think this is the end of the very well done Cassidy/Jericho feud. I cannot wait to see what they both do next.

Finally, the main event! MJF vs Jeooooooooooooon MOXLEY! A crazed fan tried to grab Moxley on his way in to the ring and a security guard took them down hard! Let’s get that guard in the ring sometime. It’s very annoying when fans try and touch the wrestlers, especially in the current climate. We are lucky to have fans at all, we don’t need people like that ruining it for everyone. Stay at your seats! This was a very good match, I expect nothing less from MJF. He truly is the best in the business, maybe the whole sport! The double stomp he did on Moxley’s arm sounded lethal. That was awesome. MJF lost a lot of blood in this one. The only bad part was the headbutt sequence, particularly when Moxley did 6-7 in a row. Fast headbutts just look dumb. It’s too hard to fake and it is very obvious to all that you’re not actually head butting. We know wrestling is a work, but you don’t need to remind us like that. The real takeaway from this, is Mox cheated, again. Just like he did against Jericho. Mox cheated and used the paradigm shift to pick up the win on MJF. What a disgrace! He should be stripped of his title immediately!

That’s a wrap! A lot happened at All Out. I think the best match was either Shida/Rosa or the tag match between the Young Bucks and Jurassic Express. Basically every match was quite good, I could of done with one less gimmick match though. I am not looking forward to watching Archer v Mox for the title or Brodie/Dustin for that matter. No disrespect to any of them, I just don’t really like big wrestlers unless they are super athletic (like Lucha or Cage). I assume the next tag team title match will be FTR and the Young Bucks. Not sure what the plan is for Shida up next, but I hope it’s a long title reign. Thankfully, Matt Hardy is seemingly ok. I hope we get to see the match between him and Sammy that we were all looking forward to. See you all at Dynamite!

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