AEW Dynamite (Sep 2nd)

Dynamite opened with a really cool match and it made me want to write about it. Here we are, a recap of Dynamite! The last episode before the PPV this weekend.

We open up with a tag team match between the Best Friends and Proud and Powerful, Santana and Ortiz. This honestly should of been on the card for the PPV this weekend, at the very least it should of been the main event. AEW have been slowly building and teasing this rivalry for a while. I hope they continue to build it and this isn’t the end, but this really should of been on the PPV. Lucky us, we get it for free. Depends on where you live actually.

Santana and Ortiz are making their way to the ring but are jumped by the Best Friends. Cheap shot! I thought they were the good guys. I guess that’s what happens when you bring someones mom into it. Anyway, the match hasn’t officially started, so we are treated to a bit of extra curricular activity. Woo-hoo! Everyone is pretty happy fighting one another, except for Chucky-T. He is off in his own little world, building the leaning tower of chairs. You can imagine how that worked out for him. He wasn’t the only one taking a beating though. Whilst he was napping on the floor, Trent was taking a few hard bumps of his own.

Santana leap frogged over a spear attempt by Trent and poor Trent ate the barrier. Speaking of eating things, Santana ate a pretty decent knee once the match officially got under way. Trent took another big bump, this time on a very rough landing on the stairs to the outside. Ouch! Proud and Powerful pick up the win in this one after Santana used a baton (I think) behind the referees back. It’s not cheating if the referee doesn’t see it! What a fun way to kick things off, I’m looking forward to what these two teams do next.

Small MJF promo. I had forgotten that on this episode we were going to see his “lawyer” take on the “champion” (now I’m just being mean) Moxley. I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone by now, but MJF’s work on the mic is incredible. One of the best, for sure.

Time for the 8 man tag match. SCU and Private Party team up to take on the squad of Jurassic Express and the Young Bucks. Why? Because we can. The winners get the pleasure of facing off at All Out. Why? Money, as JR so often reminded us during the match. My girlfriend thinks it’s a stupid angle, but she’s happy enough watching Jungle Boy.

Power to him, but Christopher Daniels just looks like every teenage girls embarrassing father. I can’t wait to embarrass my daughter. Anyway, as per normal, I’m chanting “SCU!” even though I want them to lose. The match starts and both teams are constantly bickering amongst themselves. A solid match overall, with a few nice bumps. Marq Quen hits a big dropkick on Matt Jackson. Kaz almost rips the head off of Jungle Boy with a lethal lariat. It took a while to see Lucha in action, but it was worth the wait. His athleticism never ceases to amaze. Both Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus have promising single careers if they ever decide to go that way. Christopher Daniels does a nice BME and Quen steals the show with an enormous Shooting Star Press. I swear he gets more hang time every time he does it.

Not much of a surprise that the Young Bucks and Jurassic Express win this one, although they almost tricked me with a fake finish on Jungle Boy. One note, do you think AEW are starting to overuse the blind tags? I feel like its a solid 4-5 times a match and it’s getting hard to believe that the wrestlers are missing it that often. Also, have some consistency for how you are going to call the tag. Some matches they are strict on the wrestlers holding the rope and it has to be hand to hand contact. Other times, the wrestler can be wherever and basically just slap his teammate anywhere and the tag is legal. In this one, Cassidy tagged himself in and Kazarian out, but neither of them where in the ring! That’s not legal at all!

We go backstage with Jake Hager and Orange Cassidy. Hager tells Cassisy that his presence is requested at ringside for Jericho’s match against Janela later in the evening. Cassidy doesn’t respond as per normal. Hager leaves and Cassidy goes to get something from his backpack. We cut to a commercial and I can’t tell if it was an accident, it Cassidy was unaware he was still on air or if they are building hype for something.

Then we cut to Tully and his new pals FTR, talking themselves up for the title match against Hangman and Kenny at All Out.

Kenny Omega comes out to the ring, wearing a Hana Kimura shirt. You can pick one up at prowrestlingtees and all proceeds are going to Hana’s mother. Hana tragically committed suicide in may this year. May she rest in peace.

FTR interrupt Kenny and offer him some chocolate milk, his one true weakness. Kenny isn’t in the mood though and he calls them both “dickhead hillbillies”. Classic. Hangman comes out and once again I can’t tell if he is really sick or they are putting make up on his eyes. I’m not sure what is happening, but it’s uncomfortable to look at. Anyway, there is some more arguing and Kenny and Hangman no longer seem to be on the same side. They might finally drop the titles this weekend.

Next we continue to build hype, this time for the Mimosa Mayhem match and it leads nicely into the next match for tonight, Janela v Jericho. Not much to report from this one. I think Joey Janela gets a little bit weirder every time I see him. I’m all about it. It was cool to have some fans in attendance again, it’s always cool to hear the stadium sing a long to “Judas”. Jericho puts on a show for Cassidy who is at ringside. At one point he is standing on Janela’s pigtails and I’m pretty sure Joey calls him a bitch. Excalibur refers to Jericho as the “data god” instead of the “demo god”. Close enough. Nice finish in this match with an enormous codebreaker. Well done by both men to pull that off. Jericho and Hager beatdown Janela after the match, despite the incessant bell ringing by the officials. Jericho smears Joey’s blood all over his own Orange Cassidy shirt. Sonny comes to the rescue and Cassidy steps in to help.

Promo time! I feel like there a lots of promos in this episode. This one was really cool though and is probably the match I’m most looking forward to. A broken rules match (I think it’s basically a last man standing match) between my main man, Matt Hardy and my girlfriends crush, Sammy Guevara. Who I am kidding, I love Sammy too. Best believe I’m cheering for Matt though. If Matt loses, he has to leave AEW. I wish they didn’t put that stipulation in, because now it seems obvious that Hardy will win. Who knows though? I’m also not sure if this is taking place in the arena or at the Hardy compound. I can’t wait either way.

This next one is a little messy. We start with an FTW promo. I wish they would let Starks talk for himself. He is far more charismatic than Tazz. Speaking of a lack of charisma, Tazz is interrupted by Jake the Snake. If I wanted to watch two old guys yell at each other, I’d hang out with my family more. Then Eddie Kingston comes out and starts talking. At least he is charismatic. Wait a minute, here comes Tully and Shawn! Now everyone is fighting. Here comes the Gunn Club to get in on it. Then Darby Allin. Serpentico jumps the rail and joins the chaos. I notice some of the regular jobbers are getting in on it. I guess they don’t get beat up enough every week on Dark. The Inner Circle are here. Best Friends! Absolute chaos and I can’t keep up anymore. I think we came out originally to build hype for the Battle Royale. All I want to know is how are we going to get rid of all of these guys for the next match? We cut to a promo, that’s how! I wonder if they all just stopped fighting and walked away when the video started….

Anyway, the promo is for the Dark Order and building hype for the revenge match that Cody’s Club is having at All Out. Why is Scorpio on team Cody? I hope the Dark Order crush them and I never cheer for the Dark Order. Somehow I doubt it though, they really force the Natural Nightmares down our throats.

Time for a wrestling match! Feels like it’s been a while! Time for the debut of Thunder Rosa and Serena Deeb. The commentary team try their best to make us believe that Deep actually has a chance of pulling off the upset, but I’m sure nobody is buying it. This was a really good match and I wanted to comment on how technically sound it was, but JR and the gang said “fundamentally sound” so many times, that I would feel dirty if I said the same thing. So I will just say I enjoyed this match and I can’t wait for Shida to beat Rosa down on the weekend.

Guess what? It’s time for another promo. This time it’s Moxley. I don’t have anything against Moxley, but he bores me when he talks. I can’t remember exactly what he said, but it was something about beating up MJF for the good of the world.

Back to back promos, again. This time it’s Big Swole, building hype for her upcoming match against Britt Baker. I’m not quite sure what a tooth and nail match is, but Swole was on the wrong end of a beatdown. I was always liked Britt, but I especially like her now that she is a heel and wears air jordans. I wish she wouldn’t of wasted what looked like a delicious pizza. JR pointed out that it didn’t have pineapple on it. What a relief.

Time for the main event. It felt like this should of been buried on Dark somewhere. I didn’t expect anything else though. The only good part of this was Justin Roberts during Moxley’s intro. I love hearing him yell “JEOOOOOOOOON MOXLEY!”. Anyway, the lawyer pulls off the upset victory after interference from MJF. I’m kidding, of course Moxley won. Then MJF came and gave him a beatdown. Hopefully, we get a repeat of that on the weekend!

And that’s a wrap on Dynamite! Remember, Dark is tomorrow instead of Tuesday. The PPV kicks off for free on YouTube, with the red carpet and the buy-in. All Out is available to pre-order on FITE.TV or B/R Live. Personally, I can’t wait. It looks like a really good card.

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