ALL OUT 2019 (3 of 3)

AEW delivered! They put the second half of last years All Out on their YouTube channel. So, if you haven’t already you can watch the PPV in it’s entirety completely free. All Out 2020 will take place next weekend and will be headlined by a title match between the challenger MJF and the Chumpion (it wasn’t a typo, I meant what I said) Moxley.

We kick off Part 2 with “The Chairman” Shawn Spears going head to head with Cody. Can we just start by talking about the chair shot heard around the world? That was an absolutely amazing and equally devastating hit taken by Cody, thank goodness he was ok. That is one of the early AEW moments that will never be forgotten.

We open on Shawn Spears, sitting on THE chair from the above incident. Baller. It actually is really well done. His calm demeanour, the lighting, his song…it was all set up really well. Perfection is one of the best theme songs going around. I was getting pumped for the match, and then Spears took forever to walk down to the runway. It was like watching the Undertaker slowly trudge down to the ring.

Next up was Cody’s entrance. I thought Spears bored me! I’m a huge Star Trek fan but I can’t get my head around what Cody was trying to do? The weird outfits, the puppy dog, Brandi slowly collecting his entourage…MJF made the black/yellow shirt work though. Speaking of great songs, Kingdom is another fantastic theme song. I felt bad for criticising Spears for taking so long. If watching Spears was like watching ‘Taker, this was like watching Undertaker’s entrance at Wrestlemania 30.

If you think I’m spending a lot of time on their entrances, you are correct. It’s because I don’t really know what to say about the match. I really expected more from this one. I love a good bit of cheating as much as the next guy, but there were far too many shenanigans going on in this one. It really distracted from what could of been a great singles bout between two incredibly talented wrestlers. Maybe Cody was being cautious coming off of the head wound about a month prior, but some of the moves weren’t executed as well as I expect from these two. The DDT on the apron was very poor quality. I know wrestling is fixed, but they don’t need to rub it in my face like that.

I don’t think Cody would be cautious though, especially not at the cost of a good match. He has never been afraid to take a bump. He really is one of the toughest guys in AEW. He took those belt shots like a champ. Maybe Spears was worried about hurting him again. I just think they weren’t on the top of their game for this one, which I will forgive because they are usually much better. They definitely put far too much stock in all of the outside distractions and interferences. Just a quick side note, when a manager is whispering tactics to his wrestler, do you think they stay in character? I’ve always wondered.

It’s time for the Escalera De La Muerte for the AAA World Tag Team Championship. That’s fun to say. The opening promotional video for the ladder match was very cheesy and very lame. I loved it. Particularly the awkward testicle jokes at the end. 10/10 Nick Jackson. There were so many spots in this match I could talk about. This is one you just need to watch.

I will quickly go into my two favourite spots though. The first was the springboard hurricanrana from the turnbuckle onto the ladder. Oof. Those ladders had approximately zero give in them. That looked like it hurt big time! Props to Nick for taking that bump. The second was the destroyer, from the ladder, through the table. Pentagon Jr. executed that move perfectly. Seriously though, just go and watch this one. It was basically a highlight reel from start to finish. They forced a couple of spots (as AEW had a habit of doing early) but most of it flowed very smoothly.

I was very disappointed in them though, they actually left one table behind in perfect condition. Come on guys! Break it! I actually could not keep track of how many tables got destroyed in this ladder match. I hope no one got any splinters!

It’s time to crown the first ever AEW World Champion. Jericho. “Hangman” Adam Page. Who will it be? I’m sure we all knew ahead of time it was never going to be Hangman. Let’s not get to far ahead though. I want to start from the start. Let’s skip the entrances (shout out to Hunter Horse Helmsley) and start with the very awkward introduction to the match. I understand Aubrey wanted to hold the belt and show it off. Fine. But why did Justin have to stand behind her and put his arms around her to hold the microphone? Why didn’t he just stand next to her? It was so awkward to watch. Surely, someone would of realised in rehearsals that it wasn’t going to work?

Speaking of Aubrey, how dare she lay her hands on Chris Jericho! He should sue. Y2J and Aubrey have such a good in ring chemistry. The crowd (I can’t wait until we get crowds back) absolutely loves it when she gets in his face. And I think it’s great when he tells her to “shut up” or that she is a “shitty referee”. Very fun stuff. It’s also funny every time Jericho rings the bell and declares himself the winner midway through a match. The man truly is one of the best to have ever done it. At one point, I think it was after a Jericho counter, JR said something like “it’s as if Jericho knew it was coming”. My partner pointed out that its a scripted match and Jericho did know it was coming. She found it very amusing.

Awkward beginnings and jokes aside, this was a pretty good match up. It looked like a really rough landing on the moonsault that Page performed. Surely that did some damage to his knees! Hangman never had a chance of winning this one, but there was a near fall that would have had me going if I was watching it live. These two put on a good show, but I think the match was a little bit too long, particularly at this stage of the evening. It was an almost half an hour match to end an almost 5 hour show. We all love pro wrestling, but it was a bit much. I believe AEW learned from this and shortened future events. It’s not too bad when you are watching from home, but it would be very hard to be in the arena that long.

That’s the end of All Out 2019! Overall, it was a very good PPV. I recommend watching it in parts to break it up a bit, which is easy considering its on YouTube over 3 separate videos. All Out 2020 will take place next weekend. Remember, Dynamite is also on tonight, it was once again moved for the NBA playoffs. Should be a fun episode tonight, we have Hardy v Guevara in a tables match and the tag team gauntlet for a title shot at All Out. Enjoy!

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