NBA Recap Day 5

Boy, this Raptors team is good! Incredible job to keep Allen without a shot attempt in 32 minutes. I actually can’t believe that statistic. Hang on one moment, I need to go check again. Ok, it’s still correct. 32 minutes. 0 shot attempts. Wow. 17 boards for the big guy though. I feel really bad for this depleted Nets team, they are trying. I think they really missed Harris today. Along with everyone else on the inactive list. I will not take anything away from Toronto though, once again they were amazing. VanVleet is still red hot. Siakim was dominant. Double/doubles for Lowry and Serge. What a team.

Where the heck are Denver? I thought their effort last game was appalling. I really don’t know what to say about today. That was one of the worst efforts I have ever seen. They looked like they did not care at all. Unengaged, disinterested, lazy… I’ll go so far as to say incompetent. What a disgraceful showing. I am sure Nuggets fans are very disappointed in their team. I could rant for ages about this. It’s a shame to see teams who didn’t quit in the bubble like San Antonio or Phoenix sitting at home, while the Denver Nuggets come out and play like this. Excuse the cliche, but they need to take a good long look at themselves. Well done to Utah, they came out and played incredible basketball. This is how Utah needs to come out every game. They were engaged defensively and offensively. They need to keep that up. Great games by Gobert and Mitchell. Did anyone else notice when it got real dark in the arena? It was around the same time that Conley shot the lights out! What a game for him, has Memphis Mike finally arrived?

Prior to tip off, I was worried that Boston and Philadelphia was going to be the third blowout of the evening. What a great game of basketball between these two teams though. Boston looked to be the better team for most of the night though. Full credit to the 76ers for never giving up. Every time I thought that Boston were about to run away with it, the Sixers always brought it back. Incredible fight shown by them, great work on the glass, but it will always be hard to win when you finish shooting less then 30% on the game. Harris and Embiid both played great games. They worked hard in the paint, especially Embiid late in the game. Tatum struggled to get going after picking up 3 fouls in the 1st quarter, but he came up with a couple huge plays down the stretch. Kemba Walker picked up Tatum’s slack for the majority of the game. He played really well. And that’s the advantage that Boston have in this series. They are just so deep. If someone is having an off night, there is always someone to turn it on. Boston closed really strong on a 10-0 run. I feel bad for Philly after that tough loss, but they are just outmatched in this series.

The first quarter between Dallas and L.A. is exactly what the playoffs should be about. A good chippy contest, both teams playing hard and emotional. I like seeing teams go at it, you’re not friends on the court. Unfortunately, the referees never seem to agree with me. I think that double technical called on Doncic and Harrell was a bit weak. And it signified the end of most of the emotion. Another triple double by Luka but I think he settled too much for a 3 point shot tonight. He definitely wasn’t as dominant on the court tonight. His shooting percentage was not good from anywhere, even the free throw line. However, when he was inside the paint, he formed a lethal duo with Porzingis. They just play so well together. I really hope Luka’s ankle is not serious, but that is the second sprain in 3 games. That’s a concerning sign for him. Hopefully, he comes back 100% healthy for the next game. Paul George had another really bad night shooting. Like Luka, he settled for too many threes. Maybe if he spent more time working on his game and less time on social media, he would have more success in big games. His box score looked better than I thought it would and he did pass the ball really well, especially late. Leonard had a really good performance again. Some really good 3 point shooting by both teams in this game. Porzingis, Hardaway, Burke, Curry (how good was he?), Morris and Shamet all shot the 3 really efficiently. Dallas needed to capitalise on a few more of the open ones though. They were always hanging around in this game , but it never felt like they actually had a chance of winning.

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