NBA Recap Day 4

(and the draft lottery results)

Miami Heat take care of business again and take a 2-0 lead in the series against Indiana. Some very nice outside shooting from Miami, finishing over 50% from downtown. It’s gonna be hard to beat them when they are that effective outside. Very handy that Robinson got going for the Heat. Butler and Dragic were an effective duo again. Nasty looking knee (accidental) to the back of Butler’s head on a charge call, fortunately Dragic was on the scene to provide the necessary CPR. Solid all round team performance for Miami. It was a valiant effort by the Pacers, lead by Oladipo with 22, but they just look to be outgunned in this series.

OKC and Houston put on another stinker of a game. This hasn’t been good to watch. Both teams shot the ball poorly. Houston set a record for attempting 56 3 pointers (out of their 91 shots) and made a measly 19 of them. This is usually what causes them to lose these games but OKC was just as bad. Harden only had 21 points and Houston were shooting terribly but still won by double digits. I don’t know the status of Westbrook, but I think OKC are almost out of time to figure this out. I will give credit where it is due, Houston played a hard game. They defended well and out worked OKC on both ends of the floor. They deserved this win.

Orlando blew a really good chance to take a 2-0 lead in this. I don’t want to discredit Milwaukee, but I feel that Orlando’s own inefficiency cost them this game. In the first half they had a stretch where it was a tad over 7 minutes that they didn’t score. 7 minutes! It was ugly. They were taking dumb shots and making bad decisions. Boy, was I wrong about Vucevic. He has been phenomenal thus far. Orlando shouldn’t feel good about losing but they managed to stay in this game. They defended very well and as long as they avoid another ugly start, they’ve got a chance. Full credit to Milwaukee, they turned things around and played much better basketball. Giannis’ dunk on Clark was brutal! I sound like a broken record here, but Middleton needs to be way better. Good performances from mostly everyone else. I think Pat Connaughton might be my new favourite player. He is so much fun to watch when he has it going.

A quick break for the Draft Lottery before moving into the final game of the night. I was desperately hoping my Bulls would get a top 3 pick. I was also certain we would get the 7th pick, again! I will do a mock draft sometime soon but here are the results.

14. Boston Celtics (Via Memphis)7. Detroit Pistons
13. New Orleans Pelicans6. Atlanta Hawks
12. Sacramento Kings5. Cleveland Cavaliers
11. San Antonio Spurs4. Chicago Bulls
10. Phoenix Suns3. Charlotte Hornets
9. Washington Wizards2. Golden State Warriors
8. New York Knicks1. Minnesota Timberwolves
NBA 2020 Draft Lottery Results

At least it wasn’t 7th! I was very excited when we jumped into the top 4. I’ve got my eyes on Hayes, but we will get into that in my mock draft in a few weeks. A bit frustrating that the western conference gets the two top picks.

Time for the nightcap. Looks like all the big minutes finally caught up with Lillard and the Trail Blazers. Whiteside really frustrates me. He could be one of the most dominant players in the NBA but I feel like he hardly ever tries. It’s like he just plays basketball because he is big, not because he loves it. He was so good in game 1, it was really disappointing to see him come out and fall back into his old habits. Melo had a real dud performance. Looks like Lillard dislocated his finger in the fourth, hopefully it’s not to serious and he is back for game 3. All around, Portland were just not good enough this game. Full credit to the Lakers, they finally came out and looked like one of the best teams in the league. They dominated Portland on both ends of the court. Unbelievable that they held Portland under 90 points. Just incredible. Great bounce back game from AD. Great bounce back by the Lakers really. I won’t get started on Danny Green and JR Smith or I might not stop and I want to end on a positive note. Portland need to take tomorrow off and just get some rest. I don’t think Lillard will be that quiet again in game 3. The Lakers can go to bed happy and hopefully come out with the same attitude for the next game.

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