ALL OUT 2019 (2 of 3)

SCU must have the most catchy theme song in all of wrestling. You can’t help but chant “SCU!” with them and the song every single time. I’m usually cheering against them, but that song. Always gets me. I thought Jurassic Express coming out with with the TV screen literally shaking was so cool. My girlfriend was laughing at how lame it was, so you can be the judge. I love Jurassic Express, I am not a fan of Marko Stunt though. Must he floss? It just makes me want to punch him. Both teams had some excellent 3 man choreography and had good chemistry amongst the teams. I could watch Luchasaurus all day. His athleticism never stops amazing me. And the kicks. Such incredible footwork. Jungle Boy is also a big favourite of mine. Gorgeous hair. Lost some of it on the top rope though, I bet that hurt! Fortunately, his sideburns remain unscathed. Whew! The seltzer (definitely not the best seltzer ever) finish at the end looked a tad sloppy, but overall very enjoyable opener.

How cool is Kenny Omega’s video where he just walks the streets looking sullen? I find it weird how Justin always introduces Pac as “a bastard”. Isn’t he “the bastard”? Minor details, I know. But I notice it every single time. JR made me laugh when he called Pac a “dumb bastard” for failing to cover Omega. I loved how hard these guys were going. Someone tell them its ok for them to put their hands up sometime (don’t really though, I love it). That dropkick Pac took to the back of the head was nasty! And the snap dragon/v trigger combo always looks brutal. I really enjoyed the energy they both brought to this matchup, lots of fast paced action. AEW really needs to allow the wrestlers more room outside of the ring. Someone is going to break a leg or ankle on the barriers one day. “You can’t escape” says Kenny Omega, moments before Pac escapes. Cool finish with Pac getting the win via knockout. I really miss seeing the shocked expressions of fans in the arena.

What the hell is the Cracker Barrel Clash? Or challenge if you ask JR. Nonetheless I was intrigued. I love Darby Allen. He would of been my favourite wrestler as a child. The skateboarding, the makeup, the high risk moves…he’s the epitome of cool. Side note : the lyrics in his song go “I’m up in heaven but I came from hell, I fell” wouldn’t it be the other way around? They also got the graphic wrong in his entrance, it read “Jimmy Havoc”. I haven’t seen him for a while and I knew this match was going to be crazy. And then Joey Janela came out as well and I knew someone was leaving in an ambulance. Just go and watch this one, I can’t do it justice. I think Joey may of broken his own legs. Why would Jimmy agree to have thumbtacks in his mouth? Darby’s bit with the skateboard is crazy, but Janela got it easy. Starks had it way worse recently. The coffin drop with the barrel was insane. I swear Darby tries to hospitalise himself every single match. I didn’t want this one to end. The fried chicken looked delicious. Why do they always act like the aluminium food trays are the hardest weapon in professional wrestling?

Tag team action up next, Best Friends vs Dark Order. Back before Dark Order became boring. Remember the creepers? Way more entertaining than Colt ” Boom Boom” Cabana. Either join Dark Order or don’t. Evil Uno looked really creepy with the white make up instead of black. I was cheering for Best Friends, even though I knew the outcome ahead of time. I’m 100% convinced that Trent only eats chicken and broccoli. He is so jacked. I loved the faster (and slightly more aggressive) hug by Best Friends. They take too long with it nowadays and its usually always interrupted. I’m glad they broke this up into 2 parts, because I was starting to get tired. No disrespect, I really enjoyed this match still. It was cool that Orange Cassidy came to save the day. He literally has one of the best gimmicks I’ve ever seen. Bonus points to the crowd for the “spooky perverts” chant.

Last match before the break, Hikaru Shida vs Riho. I am in love with Shida. Her moves, the music, the kendo stick. Just everything. Riho is a really good competitor as well. Once again. I knew the outcome ahead of time but it didn’t hurt a decent quality match. It always looks cool when Riho bridges out of a pin attempt. Also the double stomp she does always worries me. It just looks so easy to slip and hurt herself. I’m sure she has it under control, but it always worries me. So you can imagine my stress when she did it from the top rope to the outside of the apron. Riho wins this one and an entrance into the first ever AEW women’s title match. Don’t worry Shida, we will have the last laugh.

Hopefully, AEW put the second part on YouTube next Wednesday. If not, I’ll buy it so we can finish the review. Don’t forget that Dynamite is on this Saturday, immediately after the NBA playoffs.

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