Thank you, Crow!

(and the rest of the Hawks too)

As you know, I love my Blackhawks. It was exciting for us to get a chance to come in and qualify for the 2020 post season. No disrespect to the Oilers, but I knew we were going to advance past them. Just a feeling I guess. When we did however, I wasn’t looking forward to our series with the Knights.

We looked good in the first 3 games but could never get it done. If I could go the rest of my life without hearing the “ding” of the crossbar, I’ll be pretty happy. After the heartbreaking OT loss in Game 2, I was getting ready to write the series off. After another devastating loss in Game 3, I knew it was all but over.

So of course, the Hawks come out and keep the dream alive in Game 4. I decided that if the guys weren’t ready to give up, I wasn’t going to either. Enter me wearing my Blackhawks jersey for the next week or so. How good is sports? 2-3 hours of pacing in front of the tv, kicking the couching, throwing my poor hat, cheering the goals with the little one, the excitement, the drama, ready to drop my gloves at any moment and go to war with the team. The neighbours must think I’m crazy, I know my partner does. Man, I love the playoffs.

Crawford has been amazing in the net. Some absolutely incredible saves. Definitely kept us in the with a legitimate chance of stealing this series. As long as he is in the net, I believe. Keith has been awesome defensively. Kane and Toews are looking good as ever. Murphy, DeBrincat, Dach, Saad….I’m going to stop there or I will list the whole team. Sure, we’ve made some bad decisions and some silly mistakes. But, that doesn’t take away from their heart and the fight they are showing. A quick shoutout to Pat and Eddie-O as well

What a nail biter today’s game was! Came right down to the final buzzer. It wasn’t meant to be though. Thanks for the season guys, I can’t wait to run it back and do it all again next season. In these crazy times, it’s always nice to have the distraction of sports. One Goal.

RIP to Dale Hawerchuk.

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