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AEW Dynamite : October 16th

It’s Saturday night Dynamite! I would rather be playing Farcry 6, but here we are. This episode is going to have a lot of work to do to win me over. CM Punk is joining the commentary for the episode. Not a great start. The next few minutes involved Punk walking around the audience, getting […]

AEW Rampage : October 15th

Seriously? Rampage has a “Buy-In” pre-show now? It’s free! What is there to buy? Not to mention the buy-in is just as long as the actual show. Is Tony Khan familiar with the concept of less is more? Me thinks my fast forward button will get a workout tonight. This better not become a weekly […]

AEW Rampage : October 8th

Should be a great episode! A Philly Street Fight and the Tag Team Titles are up for grabs. Apparently Mark Henry has to interview the opening act now as well. Backstage, he wants to know why Danny Garcia jumped CM Punk in Chicago of all places. Henry wanted to know why Punk came back. Apparently […]


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